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Wells Fargo

Is the worst is bank I ever had.I will be calling my lawyer on tuesday .I deposit a check and the check was stop .I dont no why and is trying to found out .But in the mean time I have deposit go into that account ever month.I was with Wachovia for over fihteen years and never ever had a promble with my account and this wells bank can go to *** .I will never ever us them again.They got the right one I will see them in court.And will be getting in touch with the better business beaur.How do you do these kind of things to people and i will be contacting the news as well .There workers are going to have them in a big law suit.They might be number four bank but it wont be to long before they be a nothing bank.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #610128

Well that was painful to read. You deposited a check that the bank has a problem with and now you're calling your lawyer?!?

For what exactly?

Your post makes little sense and you admit that you don't know what's wrong with the check, so the bank may be perfectly justified in putting a hold on it. In any case, they have a right to do so and there's nothing your lawyer can do about it.

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