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The bank is by far the worst group of employees. The manager comes out and says I will not cash your check even though they have done it a dozen times prior. My name and ID matched and the person who wrote the check has seven figures in the bank. I told him I would call my sister and they would then receive a call from her officer in Texas. He said it was up to him to accept the call or even honor the check still. Then a lady in line started saying another satisfied customer. That was wrong of her to say that and get invoved at all. Of course they wouldn't say anything to that customer.

At the end I walked over to the managers desk and he said he would open a saving account for me and cash the check then. I didnt have a problem with that since it was for my daughter anyhow. So then he gave me a bag of gifts - and of course said he was so sorry for starting off the wrong way.

The whole time I'm thinking he really is not very smart and WF shouldn't have placed this manager in this high net worth area which responds differently to people who make rash dicissions before they know where they can land up.

I know the tellers are not to smart either just the way they handled the matter. Saying we can't and will not cash your check.

Weather I keep the account depends on several factors.

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I know the tellers are not to smart either just the way they handled the matter. (As said by 312866 anonymous) Dear mam/sir, you cannot form proper sentences, so why are you commenting on other peoples intelligence.

Just so you know it should read something like this.

"I knew the tellers were not very smart either by the way they handled the matter." I have a good feeling that the people in that bank were probably just fine and you are the *** that's different. Your kind should be exterminated.

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