Crockett, Texas
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Went into a branch to cash a check drawn on Wachovia Bank. This was an insurance check from a life policy.

Since Wells Fargo bought Wachovia out we figured cashing the check would be hassle free but no way. These turds charged $7.50 to cash a check drawn on their bank. I almost told them to stick it and go deposit the check in my bank so as not to have to pay a fee.

These types of establishments are giving all banks a bad name and should be banned from being in business. Doing this just so the CEO's can draw some exhoribant salary and bonus is *** me off.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #610305

First of all you need to DEPOSIT the check into the bank.Once the check clear's.Their will be no CHARGE at all from the CHECK.I once recieved a LARGE CHECK from a DEATH OK.The bank wanted to know how i came about having this LARGE CHECK.Although the INSURANE COMPANIES name was LISTED ON THE CHECK.The bank has to know this information for TAX REASON'S OK.Once i informed the bank that the check was from my SON'S DEATH their was no problem DEPOSITING THE CHECK and Getting the CHECK CLEARED.Their is know REASON to be UPSET.Unless you do not have an ACCOUNT with this bank.Then sure you will have to pay to get the check CASHED.Just because the check is issued by WACHOVIA,Does not mean you have an ACCOUNT with WACHOVIA.And know i do not work for WACHOVIA.

Naples, Florida, United States #610224

Then you should have deposited it in your own account. That is why you have a bank account.

Why are you surprised by this? Ask YOUR bank how much they charge to cash a check YOU write to someone who does NOT have account with them.

to LadyScot Katy, Texas, United States #610298

What business is it of yours? My bank doesn't charge for those things so keep your *** comments to yourself. I suppose you must work at one of these banks so you are kissing ***?

to Tom72348 Naples, Florida, United States #610362

No I do not work for a bank, but thank you for showing your ignorance. EVERY bank, very *** one charges nonaccount holders a fee to cash checks.

Even yours.

Like I said, ask your own bank how much they charge, It is $5-10, some charge a percentage of the check amount. And it became my business you *** the moment you posted your lunacy on this public website.

to LadyScot #1453826

Most banks don’t charge non-account holders to cash checks written by their account holders. If they did, no one would take checks

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