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My husband and I called to report that he lost his credit card, but by mistake my credit card was the one who was cancelled. When I tried to use it the next day, it was not working, so I called Wachovia to find out what was wrong with my debit card. So a lady from customer service told me that by mistake it was cancelled, since it was their mistake, she was going to order a rush replacement at no additional charge so it was going to be send out next day overnight.

The debit card was supposed to arrive on Thursday May 6/10 to one of the branch locations in downtown Mobile. I went to pick up my card, it was not there. Since I was traveling next day (Friday), I thought, OK will pick it up on Tuesday. I went back again on Tuesday May 11/10 but the card never arrived.

I talked to the Manager, Melisa McGhee, at the Saint Michael (Mobile AL) branch location, who offered to help me. She told me that she was going to try to find out if the card was sent out to a different branch location and that she was going to call me back. When she called me back, she explained me that she wasn't able to locate it. So she cancelled that one and ordered a another rush replacement. She also offered me to give me a temporary debit card.

She told me that I was going to be available to pick it up on Friday, May 15/10. So, I went back again, for a third time, but the card was not there neither.

Once I left the bank, I called Wachovia 1-800 number to track my card and find out what was going on. The customer service agent told me that it was mailed to my house on May 13/10 so I was going to receive it within the next 5 business days.

I am so frustraded, Wachovia keeps making mistakes and they are not even trying to solve the problems they caused, properly. Everybody lies. The branch manager neither the first customer agent, never ordered a new rush replacement card, as they promised.

I have decided to cancel all my accounts. I won't let Wachovia to treat me bad ever again.

So, if you are planning to open an account with wachovia and if you are reading this email, please don't do so. They are going to give you a poor customer service.

Also, I will be filing a complaint with Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection and Better Business Bureau.

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I just went thru that with wachovia and they ended up charging me for the overnite shipping!!!

You can't transfer money from one account to another in this bank which is a huge incovenience for me since I have two kids in college I live abroad and it's impossible to transfer over money.

I will be changing banks soon.

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