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please submit letter at 212boundary Newberry,s.c.29108

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Wachovia Bank - Account

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Wells Fargo

Is the worst is bank I ever had.I will be calling my lawyer on tuesday .I deposit a check and the check was stop .I dont no why and is trying to found out .But in the mean time I have deposit go into that account ever month.I was with Wachovia for over fihteen years and never ever had a promble with my account and this wells bank can go to *** .I will never ever us them again.They got the right one I will see them in court.And will be getting in touch with the better business beaur.How do you do these kind of things to people and i will be contacting the news as well .There workers are going to have them in a big law suit.They might be number four bank but it wont be to long before they be a nothing bank.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #610128

Well that was painful to read. You deposited a check that the bank has a problem with and now you're calling your lawyer?!?

For what exactly?

Your post makes little sense and you admit that you don't know what's wrong with the check, so the bank may be perfectly justified in putting a hold on it. In any case, they have a right to do so and there's nothing your lawyer can do about it.

Wachovia Bank - Charged to cash an account holder check

Crockett, Texas
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Went into a branch to cash a check drawn on Wachovia Bank. This was an insurance check from a life policy.

Since Wells Fargo bought Wachovia out we figured cashing the check would be hassle free but no way. These turds charged $7.50 to cash a check drawn on their bank. I almost told them to stick it and go deposit the check in my bank so as not to have to pay a fee.

These types of establishments are giving all banks a bad name and should be banned from being in business. Doing this just so the CEO's can draw some exhoribant salary and bonus is *** me off.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #610305

First of all you need to DEPOSIT the check into the bank.Once the check clear's.Their will be no CHARGE at all from the CHECK.I once recieved a LARGE CHECK from a DEATH OK.The bank wanted to know how i came about having this LARGE CHECK.Although the INSURANE COMPANIES name was LISTED ON THE CHECK.The bank has to know this information for TAX REASON'S OK.Once i informed the bank that the check was from my SON'S DEATH their was no problem DEPOSITING THE CHECK and Getting the CHECK CLEARED.Their is know REASON to be UPSET.Unless you do not have an ACCOUNT with this bank.Then sure you will have to pay to get the check CASHED.Just because the check is issued by WACHOVIA,Does not mean you have an ACCOUNT with WACHOVIA.And know i do not work for WACHOVIA.

Naples, Florida, United States #610224

Then you should have deposited it in your own account. That is why you have a bank account.

Why are you surprised by this? Ask YOUR bank how much they charge to cash a check YOU write to someone who does NOT have account with them.

to LadyScot Katy, Texas, United States #610298

What business is it of yours? My bank doesn't charge for those things so keep your *** comments to yourself. I suppose you must work at one of these banks so you are kissing ***?

to Tom72348 Naples, Florida, United States #610362

No I do not work for a bank, but thank you for showing your ignorance. EVERY bank, very *** one charges nonaccount holders a fee to cash checks.

Even yours.

Like I said, ask your own bank how much they charge, It is $5-10, some charge a percentage of the check amount. And it became my business you *** the moment you posted your lunacy on this public website.

to LadyScot #1453826

Most banks don’t charge non-account holders to cash checks written by their account holders. If they did, no one would take checks

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Wachovia Bank - Bank Wells Fargo

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The bank is by far the worst group of employees. The manager comes out and says I will not cash your check even though they have done it a dozen times prior. My name and ID matched and the person who wrote the check has seven figures in the bank. I told him I would call my sister and they would then receive a call from her officer in Texas. He said it was up to him to accept the call or even honor the check still. Then a lady in line started saying another satisfied customer. That was wrong of her to say that and get invoved at all. Of course they wouldn't say anything to that customer.

At the end I walked over to the managers desk and he said he would open a saving account for me and cash the check then. I didnt have a problem with that since it was for my daughter anyhow. So then he gave me a bag of gifts - and of course said he was so sorry for starting off the wrong way.

The whole time I'm thinking he really is not very smart and WF shouldn't have placed this manager in this high net worth area which responds differently to people who make rash dicissions before they know where they can land up.

I know the tellers are not to smart either just the way they handled the matter. Saying we can't and will not cash your check.

Weather I keep the account depends on several factors.

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I know the tellers are not to smart either just the way they handled the matter. (As said by 312866 anonymous) Dear mam/sir, you cannot form proper sentences, so why are you commenting on other peoples intelligence.

Just so you know it should read something like this.

"I knew the tellers were not very smart either by the way they handled the matter." I have a good feeling that the people in that bank were probably just fine and you are the *** that's different. Your kind should be exterminated.

Wachovia Bank - Wachovia, I hope you go bankrupt@!


Oh Wachovia. You definitely are not good at banking but you are good at making the people that give you a job mad at you.

Last week I went to the bank with multiple checks. Two were from my employer. I cashed one deposited one and also deposited four checks from my checking account into another account (not owned by me). These checks were for monies owed and I needed proof (via check) that these items were paid for. This was at noon on a Friday. Come Tuesday, the checks have been cashed and debited from my checking account.

I was then notified from the other person (whom I owed the monies) that they still have not received the money. I have the receipt, I have the cancelled checks and the money is nowhere to be found. After I was told several times by Wachovia that if the checks were cashed it was the individual's responsibility (whom they were written to) to find out where they went. Hum? I thought the purpose of a bank was to manage my money.

I tell this information to the other person who then calls and is told that he can take no action because the checks are not drawn from his account. We then both call on the phone at the same time and after many hours discover that the teller at the bank had deposited the checks into the checking account from which the checks were written.

I filled out the deposit slip, the checks were not made out to me and were signed by the other party so why would they deposit them into the same account. I then was told that the checks would have to clear my account in order for the money to be deposited back in as a check deposit.

Two days later I got my deposit money for the checks and had to set up another payment with the individual.

Now today I find out that I can no longer access my online banking. After being hung up on three times, put on hold for more than 30 minutes and placed back into the automated system. I am asked with every question about my account. Do I purchase gas from this service station, how many recent transactions etc. This are things I could answer with online banking. Yes I got gas, at a BP. Most likely they are not under BP name but J&S gas or mom and pop mart.

Then the agent tells me that I am providing the wrong debit card number. Uh no I have it right here and I can read, this is the number. After arguing with her for several minutes she says oh, I was mistyping.

This bank has very poor customer service. When I have to call them I feel like a criminal trying to get my own money from the bank. They constantly tell you "I'll look into this and call you back". I end up calling them back the next day asking them where my money went. I cant wait to change to another bank!

Monetary Loss: $185.

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Wachovia Bank - Worst Customer Service Ever with Wells Fargo


Since Wachovia changed to Wells Fargo it has been a joke!!!

There is no customer service anymore. It is no longer about the customer who helps you pay your bills and salaries.

It is only about what WELLS FARGO gets and wants. You do not get greeted when you pull up at the drive through, nor do you get thanked for your business. The tellers do not check to see if what they are doing is right. Even though it takes them up to a half hour longer to do my deposit.

Many times we have put a petty cash check in to be cashed, and they give us our ID's back with no money and worst of it, they don't even realize they have done this. We have to correct them. A company check for petty cash for the benefit of making change at our business now requires 2 Id's, fingerprint and $5. There is no way we are going forward with this.

There is no organization.

Making daily deposits have increased for taking 15 min or less to a 45 min to an hour wait. This is awful and I hope that our company will pull all of the accounts with Wells Fargo.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #610307

If you are not SATISFIED with this bank,Know one is TWISTING YOUR ARM TO STAY.Some people complaint about ANYTHING.Have you ever heard of "SWITCH".


thats why the bank is bankrupt and sold


i agree. i stayed in there (waiting) for 30 minutes just to open an account. there were 3 bankers there.

Wachovia Bank - Closed and took money out without notice

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Had account with Wachovia (previous First Flagler bank since 1998. They didnot initially freeze my account secundary to a complaint from a family member that didn't have access to my account and based on this without any transaction made to that third pary, wachovia closed the account and took all the money out.

No explanations were given.

Had a lawsuit and only recovered $40000 of the $163000 in the account as settlement and was advised by Judge Magistrate Wm. Turnoff that I could of lost more since in the contract you sign the can ask for their attorney fees (Wachovia) irrespective if you win or loose.

So beware and read the openinig account contract and avoid "all is permitted" if you sign and remember in my case I had a inicial contract dated 1998 so then tehere is no new contaract and the judge also told me I really could not sue for breach of contract.

Monetary Loss: $163.

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Wachovia Bank rips you off...

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How can you go into your bank and ask for the balance of your account 2 wks. after you stop using card, then take that amount out of bank.

Well 1 week later they find 2 debit items against your account and since no monies are in there they charge $70/each for them setting your account at -$140.00. They are ripping people off. The 2 debit amounts were $1 and $5.00, hmmm does this seem fair.

Bank did not care and said they could do nothing. Wachovia is a ripoff and i will tell everyone i know not to bank there for this reason.

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You shouldn't depend on the bank to keep up your account ,Keyword [ your account ] is your responcibility , not the bank , any bank . so keep up with your charges and don't spend what you haven't got .

Money doesn't multiply like rabbits .if it ain't there then the tooth fairy won't leave you any . :sigh


I'm glad to be a client of wachovia ,[wells fargo bank ] as you know an institution is only as good as it's worst employee . My worst experience was with [ Regions Financial / morgan-keegan .] watch out share holders , don't get caught with a hand full of worthless stks. like a ship that is running out of water .


God you people are idiots. This site is full of whiners who often have difficulty with personal responsibility.

To the poster: Wachovia didn't "find" those additinal charges, they were obviously charges YOU made at one time. That is not Wachovia's fault, it's yours. To Johnny: You are another example of someone not reading the fine print. If you had I'm sure you would've understood that you would be charged for the ins after your free trial.

This is how most "free trials" work.

Again, this was YOUR fault for not paying attention. Not Wachovia's.


Wachovia and its third party agent reaped me off as well. Deposited money my IRS refund there.

They sold or shared my information with an insurance company that gave me a free insurance coverage for a few months which I accepted. Unknown to me, the company started charging about $19 a month until the account went into red.

Wachovia wrote sent me a postcard twice, cancelled my account and sent me to collection. I have since tried to get the third party information to no avail and now my otherwise good credit record is ruined.

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Wachovia Bank - I am leaving this bank.

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Wachovia had a wonderful branch here in Smiths Station Alabama. The drive through personell were warm, friendly, and most importantly, helpful.

Since the Wells Fargo sign went up things changed drastically. It seems the service manager has an affinity for drama. I have run into difficulties making a simple deposit of a check, for three visits. It also seems they have no computer to look things up anymore.

I don't like being patronized, and treated like an *** by the service manager, as well. I don't enjoy going there anymore, cause I dread what "New" rule has taken effect since my last encounter with them. I am saddened to see the great customer service go away since these new clowns took over. I'm not the only one, either.

During a recent verbal encounter with said service person, about 7 other customers started to chime in. This was mental overload to the employee, and she stated shaking her head at me and saying, (ever so insincere), the she was sorry, that's our policy.

I have been making deposits in that branch for 8 years. Good bye, and good luck.

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I know, tell me about it. The economy is to blame for most of these bad changes and *** merges.

I loved my Wachovia. :(

Wachovia Bank - Ignored by Manger over tellers 3 times


On Friday, June 3, 2011, wen to Wachovia Bank to cash my check. The teller changed the deposit ticket to reflect the check deposited instead of cashed like I want.

Apparently, my boss had been charged a 35.00 fee, I do not completely understand, but I went today, June 7, 2011, to Wachovia to find out what happened.

The customer rep, Casey, went to get the manager over the tellers, as they walked out he said that her, she didn't look my way, but had to do something else, then went to talk to a teller, 3 times ignored, I WALKED OUT! HOW DO YOU TRAIN YOUR SO CALLED MANAGERS!

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