I had a car loan with these *** holes, and I was behind about three months and I was told I need $3019.00 to get my account up to date. I was told to call Thomas G of the Greenbelt MD office this *** hole is in collection when I did talk with he's the one who told me to the $3019.00 and I Will be fine.

O he told me to call him before I make the payment by money gram. So I tried calling him on Friday, it went right to his voice mail, I tried calling him on Saturday, it went to voicemail. I called on Monday same thing. Tuesday is when they came and repose that was about 11:00 pm.

They had no plans of wanting me to make that payment, and on top of that they said that I hid my car from lol. How can I hide my car when they got it at my address, these are some snakes, low life *** holes, don't ever do business with Wachovia at all. They practice illegal tracts, so I reported them to a few government agency who are no looking into this matter. I was told that what they did was unlawful and I have a case against them.

Also for the record I have never ever had a car repose in my life. They wanted me to pay the balance of the loan to get my car back which was close to $60,000 dollars which is illegal I was told by an lawyer.

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