Hamilton, North Carolina

No employee did anything to up set me. I have had loans for years with Wachovia bank. My home loan was set up on coupon book some how. They have removed it from coupon book but because I pay a head on my account I am not mailed a monthly statement. I ask if they could mail any way the answer was no. I also ask if I could be mailed a letter each month to should how my payment was applied answer no

I don't see how Wachovia isn't responsible for providing a monthly statement.

I am just trying to make sure the payments are applied correctly each month last year some were not applied as I had requested.

At tax time I was just mailed a letter with amount of interest paid for the year with no break down of payments.

If this can't be fixed I may have to check into getting this loan moved to another bank or Finance office. Interest rates are very competitive these days. I have always been happy at Wachovia and hate to leave but may have to.

Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

Diane Harrell Rains

252 744-5529 work

252 353-0004 Home

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