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Wow...what crooks. My daughter reviewed her account one day and all was fine.

The next evening she reviewed it again due to an automatic debit she signed up for a year ago and had forgotten about and guess what! She was $291.00 in the negative! It seems that they post the highest debit first in hopes that in the event you are overdrawn you will have a handful of small debits left and they eat your *** up in service fees. She was overdrawn by FIVE CENTS and it cost her $223.00 after they gave her a credit back of $61.00!

She was told to contact the bank manager but conveniently he is out for three days sick. When she called 1-800-wachovia, she stayed on the phone on hold for over 45 minutes and then received a recorded message that they had a "building emergency", then called back only to be told they were closed and call the next day.

How can we teach our kids respect and how to ask for assistance when customer service has dropped to an all time low...especially with WACHOVIA. What a rip off....

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Had the same problem with my former bank. Six NSF charges which were 39.00 a piece.

I closed that account and went to another bank. While I was discussing why I closed my former account, she told me that all banks do the same thing. They are a business and have to make money too. Unfortunately, they will never be on the customers side.

Watch out for funds that aren't yours being put into your account. They "Mistakenly" add money to your account, you think you have more than you do, and three months later you find yourself 500.00 in the negative.

This is why we all need to balance our accounts. If you don't know how, cut up your card and use cash!!!!


Sounds to me like your child learned an important lesson.

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