Is this a waste of time ? All of our complaints are against wachovia and them holding our money after 3pm yet cash debits 'credits and checks after 3 and on weekends while our deposits are on hold.

Most of us get paid on Thursday or Friday, but after depositing checks we cant acess our money untill Monday. If a check or withdrall comes through they take it immediately and we are hit with overdraft fees. This has happened to us too many times. In some situations it was our fault but also there were times due to ther precise timing. We paid the price over and over again. They seem to think they are always right !

I cant begin to tell you all of our horror stories. And they dont care which is the most upsetting so we are getting the *** out . We all need to get some satisfaction from them.

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In all fairness, almost all banks process debits first. This is allowed by Federal law.

Some don't, but as a business, they generate income as best they can legally. Now, to avoid this pitfall, you can do this. And the law will work in your favor. Cash your paycheck at one teller window.

Leave and get in another line or go yhru the drive thru. Deposit your cash in your account.

The law states that cash deposite MUST be made immediately available. problem solved.

Johnston, Rhode Island, United States #8579


Mad with wachovia 2

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