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On July 11,2007 I deposited $2,944.90 check to the account at the Delran Wachovia branch. I did it at the drive through window. On Dec 11,2007 I realized that the $2944.90 was withdraw from the account. As soon as I could I called the bank. I talked to a Barbara Aimes (ext. 529774) who took my information and said she will refer it to June Jackson (866-892-7569. ext. 85199).She said she would investigate the case. I faxed her all the information she was asking of me. Since then I have tried to reach her,leaving her messages with her not calling me back only months later telling me she never received my fax which I know is not true since I made sure the fax got there after I had faxed the info.

I have faxed it again. I have spoke to my branch manager and obtained a phone number to MR. Spaniel Kelly(704-427-2197) which is June's manager but I was not able to reach him either,left him a message and never called me back.So I have done everything I was asked to do: contacted the person who issue the check and found out the name of their bank,they send me a proof that the check was cleared from their account. I faxed Wachovia all that information from that persons bank and still now its already August of 2008 and Wachovia is still refusing to give me my money back or give me any explanation.

Mrs. Cassandra,my Brach manager says that the check was lost after it was deposteD.At this time there is still no resolution to my case.


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File complaint with OCC, they regulate the banks.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

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