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I had been receiving some paperwork from Premier west bank recently with what seems to be a transfer of my Wachovia accounts to this new bank...It appears that the federal government has asked Wachovia to get rid of some of their assets and some branches are being sold to other banks!!!!!!!!

Wait a minute now, my accounts are being transfered and I find this out once this is almost done!!!!

Who is this new bank?

Shouldn't I have been consulted prior to the transfer taken effect?

Do I want to have my funds handled by some small West coast bank?

It seems as the situation is irreversible...I called Premier West and their answer was:"Call Wachovia"

I called Wachovia and their answer was:"It was mandated by the Feds"

I went to my branch and the clowns there are giving me the run around...

I should also mentioned that the branch that was sold to Premier West was NOT my regular branch where the accounts had been open but a branch I used from time to time to make deposits.

Who knows what's gonna happen now, they can dispose of your money and hand it to some unknow financial institution without your prior consent.

What a bunch of ***...Wachovia no more for me!!!

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