Someone charged over $3500 to a Wachovia bank account that I had not used for months that had a zero ballance. The bank granted the purchase although no money was in the account without even contacting me to find out why so many $500.00 charges had been made on an account with zero balance in one day.

After I complained that I did not make the charges they took all of my money from a separate account that my wife and I had while they conduct their investigation without any kind of notice.

This left me with no money at all until next payday. I have no money for gas, no money for food, no money to buy food for my one year old son, and no money to go to work. All because they paid a charge that I did not make of over $3000.00 on an account with a zero balance that I did not use.

I was told that there was nothing they could do and that the charge was paid as a "courtesy" for me so that I would not go though an inconvenience. I did not make that purchace!

Well, they took my rent money, they took everything. When I called the banks customer service number they told e that no one was available to help me because they had gone home and would not be back until Monday.

They took my money on Friday. I've missed 3 days of work and my wife one because we don't have money for gas, I had to borrow $20.00 from a friend to buy my son food and diapers and have no idea how my wife and I will get to work this week.

The bank left us with nothing all because they paid out an outrageous charge of over $3500.00 from an unused zero balance account. The took all my money from a totally separate acount because it was with the same bank. They block my card when I drive down to the keys because I'm using gas outside of Orlando but don't even question over $3500 being charged on an account with no money in it.

I feel like the bank just scammed me and took everything I had. The bank is supposed to look after my money not give money away without question and then take my money because of their mistake.

I will make sure EVERYONE knows what a scam of a bank they are. I will put them on the news and am looking to take legal action against them for putting me through all of this.

How in the world can they pay out over $3500.00 out of a zero balance account without even notifying to check if its even me! And then customer service tells me they did it as a courtesy! A COURTESY TO WHO?! I don't even believe I've ever had that much money in the bank!

They do this to me on Friday and tell me that no one can help me until Monday?! MY WIFE AND I LOST 3 DAYS OFF WORK BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE MONEY FOR GAS!

I cannot believe the people I trusted with my money would do such an underhanded thing! They are no better than the scam artists in prison!

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