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I called on April 22nd to close a CD account and have a check issued to me by mail.

As 5 days went by, I began to become a little concerned. I called the bank and asked where my check was. They told me it was mail on April 23rd and should be in the mail anyday.

I continued to wait and check the mail daily. Still nothing, day after day. On April 29th, I called again and was told the check would be here any day as it was mailed on the 23rd.

I became even more suspect when my check didn't arrive on May 1st. I called again and was told that they made a mistake, the check wasn't actually mailed until April 30th. They have a problem with their back office and they sent my check "yesterday." THIS IS 9 DAYS LATER THAN IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MAILED!! I immediatly asked to speak with a manger and told her that I would like to be credited for the lost interest. She told me no, they woln't credit me the lost interest because I am closing the account and won't be reinvesting the money with Wachovia... A MANAGER TOLD ME THIS!!!! I told her, after the way I have been treated, there is no way in *** I would ever reinvest my money with Wachovia. I still havent recieved my check.

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