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We recently applied for a loan modification with wachovia. We waited for 6 months and many countless hours of faxing, mailing, and contacting.

Each time we spoke to someone they said it would be another 30 days, then we spoke to a rep who said that all looks good and we should be hearing back from them anytime. Another month went by and this time when we called they said we did not qualify due to income to debt ratio being over 31%. Are you kidding of course it is we lost our jobs and are unemployed.

I have used all the savings we built up to save our home and now our lender says that maybe we should short sell and find another place to live. They strung us along like puppets thru the whole process and now waited till all our money is gone to tell us that now that we may be homeless soon.

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Wachovia is the reason that I've turned to pre paid cards and I wish I had done it sooner. A month ago, I deposited $600.00 cash in the bank, it was about 2:05pm when I did it.

I then paid 2 bills using my debit card, that equaled about 200.00. The next day, I checked my account, and Wachovia had charged me 2 insufficient funds. I called customer service and was told that since my deposit was done after 2pm, it wouldn't apply until the next day. I then asked if that was the case, why did Wachovia allow me to pay 2 bills using my debit, when any other time if the funds were not available, the card would be rejected.

I was told that "sometimes" the card would allow it. And I politely told her that of course the card would allow it when the bank knows they can make more money off of me with insufficient funds, when they KNEW I had the money in the bank.

The next week I changed my direct deposit at work and only have $10.00 per week going to Wachovia just to leave that account open, but the rest goes on my NET SPEND VISA. I would recommend anyone thinking of leaving their bank to give this company a try.

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