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This bank has taken 690.00 for debit card "overdraft" fees that were assessed due to an error on the bank's part and while the "board" was reviewing the case, they took the money out of my daughter's account - which is in no way connected to mine !! HOW CAN THEY DO THAT ?

My daughter is a college student with a limited income... we (the bank and I) are in a dispute which is currently under review and pending a decision - and on the WEEKEND they go and TAKE MONEY WITHOUT ANY AUTHORIZATION from anyone .... from an account not associated with mine in anyway !!! Isn't that stealing !!??

I am closing my account first thing Monday morning...

I have been a customer since 1979.

Monetary Loss: $690.

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Hey the same thing happen to me. Wachovia said that they can take money out any account anytime they want. Closing my account

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