I have been receiving constant phone calls from Wahovia Bank collections in Pennsylvania. We informed them 3 times that we have a new phone number and are not the people they are trying to reach.

When we received several additional calls I answered them and finally got a human being to respond. The agent told me that the problem was corrected. I then informed her that I had had 3 phone calls from them within 15 minutes. In spite of this, the agent, Ms.

Daily, refused to apologize and would not give me her work address and phone number. She told me that there were no supervisors on duty. When I told her to stop harassing me she said: "Why don't you pay your bills then?" I cannot believe that someone would have the nerve to insult me in my own house, knowing that they were calling the wrong number.

That had already been established according to her own admission. Stay away from Wachovia (Walk-All-Over_Ya) at all cost!

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