I called Wachovia bank to complain about overdraft charges. This is an account opened 3 years prior. It turns out that when you make a withdrawal in ATM/or use ATM Card it does not get posted on the day of withdrawal/use. Therefore, your balance is misleading.

Then when overdrawn they not only charge you on the day it happens but also when another use on same day is posted. Thereby, even if you don't use your card in the next couple of days, previous uses when posted get charged again, and again, and again. This seems like deceitful practice and when i questioned them they stated you should know what is in your account. Then why would I do an inquiry that does not register the actual amount available.

I understand the need for overdraft fees but if this is there practice then people should be informed prior and after one charge a stop should be placed on the card such as a credit card. Oh but you can do ovwerdraft protection at a fee of course.

Upon speaking to several people, it was obvious that customer satisfaction was out of the question. Oh and yes for the three fees charged for the same overdraft there was nothing they could do. It was not bank error. IT IS OBVIOUS THAT TD BANK HAS NO WORRIES ABOUT CUSTOMER SATIFACTION COMPETITION FROM WACHOVIA BANK!

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