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How can you go into your bank and ask for the balance of your account 2 wks. after you stop using card, then take that amount out of bank.

Well 1 week later they find 2 debit items against your account and since no monies are in there they charge $70/each for them setting your account at -$140.00. They are ripping people off. The 2 debit amounts were $1 and $5.00, hmmm does this seem fair.

Bank did not care and said they could do nothing. Wachovia is a ripoff and i will tell everyone i know not to bank there for this reason.

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You shouldn't depend on the bank to keep up your account ,Keyword [ your account ] is your responcibility , not the bank , any bank . so keep up with your charges and don't spend what you haven't got .

Money doesn't multiply like rabbits .if it ain't there then the tooth fairy won't leave you any . :sigh


I'm glad to be a client of wachovia ,[wells fargo bank ] as you know an institution is only as good as it's worst employee . My worst experience was with [ Regions Financial / morgan-keegan .] watch out share holders , don't get caught with a hand full of worthless stks. like a ship that is running out of water .


God you people are idiots. This site is full of whiners who often have difficulty with personal responsibility.

To the poster: Wachovia didn't "find" those additinal charges, they were obviously charges YOU made at one time. That is not Wachovia's fault, it's yours. To Johnny: You are another example of someone not reading the fine print. If you had I'm sure you would've understood that you would be charged for the ins after your free trial.

This is how most "free trials" work.

Again, this was YOUR fault for not paying attention. Not Wachovia's.


Wachovia and its third party agent reaped me off as well. Deposited money my IRS refund there.

They sold or shared my information with an insurance company that gave me a free insurance coverage for a few months which I accepted. Unknown to me, the company started charging about $19 a month until the account went into red.

Wachovia wrote sent me a postcard twice, cancelled my account and sent me to collection. I have since tried to get the third party information to no avail and now my otherwise good credit record is ruined.

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