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All I wanted was to exchange five $20 bills for two crisp new $50 bills to give to my little grandchildren in their Christmas Cards. The teller asked if I had an acocunt at the branch located in Easton, PA.

(18042). I stated, "no". The teller stated that she cannot, according to bank policy, exchange denominations of AMERICAN CURRENCY to non-bank customers. Did Wachovia get any of those TARP funds.

They didn't have any issues taking money from non-bank customers (taxpayers) then, did they?

I'd never be a customer of this poor excuse for a financial instition. Wachovia suck.

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Yes, I too have had problems with Wachovia, bank fees.....they are suppose to help the customer not hurt them. I live pay check to pay check, I guess now days who doesn't. I admit some of them were my fault but...there cutomer service is the worst I have seen.

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