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So today I was charge a $35.00 over draft fee by Wachovia for a PENNY...thats right ONE FREAKIN PENNY.Customer service refused to help stating it was not a bank error.

I am so fed up with their ***-tastic service. I am done with them and I hope everyone spreads the word that their execellent customer service rating that they advertise is a crock of ***. Seriously $35 buck for a penny. This is the worst bank with the worst customer service ever.

I hope one of their "poll" takers call me to rate their service.

Not that they will actually use the bad rating but it sure will make me feel better!

Monetary Loss: $35.


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i effing hate wachovia, this is not a one time occurance either.I've also gotten over $200 worth of overdraft fees in the past, all because the online bank account summary likes to magically change dates and clear then unclear and clear on a later date when theres no funds.

Not to mention when I was buying my house they held MY money from me because of "multiple overdrafts in the last 6 months" yea, due to THEIR retarded mistakes, Checks took like 10 days to clear... they even held a CASHIER's check, a WACHOVIA cashiers check at that. they have f*cked with my life too much for my liking. Because of their funny little clear date games, my mortgage is currently unpaid.

ITS NOT FAIR. THEY ARE NOT A BANK you'd be better off giving your money to a *** and being paid back in karma.

WACHOVIA WELLS FARGO WHATEVER SUCKS.i WISH they wanted to hear my feedback.


I had multiple accounts with Wachovia for years without many problems.Two months ago I opened another small checking account and I still am waiting for checks to show up.

I called 2x and visited the branch multiple times. Each time being told "these things can take several weeks". Nonsense!!! So last Friday I went to TD Bank and opened an account and exactly one week later I have checks!!!

This morning I just closed all my Wachovia accounts.

When I told the Wachovia people this they certainly did not sound shocked.Must be a recurring issue!!


dont spend more money than you have... seems like common sense?????


Well I wrote a check for 350.00 and they return it for 2 missing dollars and on top I got an overdrawn f those ***


I hate wachovia!!


The A-HOLES charged me, in just over two weeks, FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE dollars in overdraft fees.

I was more than willing to accept the initial overdraft feesm, after all it was admittedly my fault. I called the [PIRATE] bank on a Sunday evening, and told the PIRATE on the phone that FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS would be deposited into the account the next evening. The PIRATE on the phone said "Okay, I will put a note on your account about it."

It was deposited that evening (Monday) and on Tuesday morning I checked the account, and it was there, and I was $100 in the black. I thought "Good, that will take care of that and I have enough get me through payday (Friday).

But then on the NEXT MORNING (Wednesday) I was hit with ANOTHER overdraft fee of ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS ... and it just kept adding up all week.


I contacted the Better Business Bureau and a Law Firm, who both sent them letters. I got a LITTLE over two hundred dollars back.

They have NO real 'customer service'. All of those PIRATES have their heads up their collective AS**S.



Yes, happened to me as well, I made 2 minute purchases(under 5 dollars) got hit with a $105 dollar fee. I must of been taught wrong in school(35x2=105)? Hmm, not to mention that, I have that way2save and apparently none of that counts for overdraft protection...

I am not using WALK OVA YA again


I am so angry right now, just got off the phone with these a--holes and they are bigger thieves than any convicted criminals in the history of this country.They just pulled this *** on me- my money is still in the bank, I have a positive balance, but they charged me an overdaft fee and are saying it's my fault.

And it's not just purchases, etc.. that they manipulate- they manipulate when they post your deposits so that they can charge you more. They put things on "hold", take out other charges and charge you overdraft fees because that money is on "hold" and then, when the "held" charge actually gets posted, they charge you again, even though the reason you incurred the other overdraft charge was because that money allegedly wasn't available and so should have been there to cover at least that particular purchase. They weren't so bad before Wells Fargo took over, now they're *** and I'm closing my account.

I've always hated banks and reluctantly opened an account for direct deposit and now I hate them with a passion previously unbeknownst to mankind.

If I had my way, I'd go back to getting a live check and cashing it at a check-cashing place- at least then you have one fee upfront and it would still be cheaper than the *** I've gone through with these bastards.Unfortunately, my employer only does direct deposit so I'm going to get a savings account at a local bank and tell these greedy to kiss my ***....


It's too bad I'm going through the short sale process, that's my problem but try to get an answer from somebody.They transfer you around from dept to dept, no one calls you back, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

Did they hire people that make $8.25 an hour to answer these calls? Their practices are border line dishonest.

Mr Obama, I hope your reading this.Did you give them bail out money?


You can ask that no transactions clear your account if it would put you into overdraft, which I did.

Imagine my shock when I had $400 in overdraft fees the next month (several small transactions, all less than $10). My wife had written a large check for our kids care without checking the balance. It should have bounced, but didn't. When I asked what happened, they told me that I ONLY requested debit card transactions be declined, not checks. What a crock of ***!!!

I specifically asked for ALL transactions to be denied if it would give me a fee. They made an error but now are saying it wasn't a bank error.

They have "escalated it" but it has been more than a month and I keep getting the same excuses every time I follow up. I HATE WACHOVIA!! They stole this money from me and I am helpless to get it back.

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