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Wachovia is the worst bank in the history of banking. Now that

i got that out the way.

I had my card stolen a week ago.Didnt realize it was stolen until i notice a $2700.00 deposit on there,while checking online. i called Wachovia, let them know, i was missing my card, and had no access to it. I do have two seperate accounts, and i took money out of the first account, and Wachovia saw that i didnt take money out of the 2nd acount. They proceeded to grill me until finally telling me they were closing my account because I was a liabilty!!

I argued with them for 2 and a half hrs before they just told me that it didntmatter and they were closing not one but BOTH of my accounts, even though i reported this stolen. This has caused me so much embarrasment and confusion, because now because of *** Wachovia and their *** games, I know have to switch all my accounts to another bank.

I Will NEVER do business with them again, and am trying to find the right lawyer to file a class a ction suit against them. Wachovia should not be in business at all!!!

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i just noticed fraudulent charges to my debit card,

I'm closing my account with them on monday, i remember a story back in april where wells fargo info was comprimised and account info was stolen, now at the same time i'm getting fraud charges

no question is was because of that.

fk this bank. they support wet backs and the drug cartels.

I'm going elsewhere.


Hey, Larson. If the op has two bank accounts, it is suffice to say that they do have a job that pays.

Take the gerbil out of your butt and get a life, Larson. To the OP, something similar happened to me with Wachovia. I made a deposit after hours at the atm machine. They claimed the envelope that I fed into the atm was blank.

They didn't close my account, but wouldn't let me use my debit card to withdraw money anymore. I had to fight for almost six months before they finally admitted that they effed up. By then, I was already with another bank.

They tried apologizing but that wasn't good enough. They really suck.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #157811

WHA WHA WHA!!!!!! WHY DO YOU THINK YOU CAN SUE THEM??????GET A JOB THAT PAYS INSTEAD OF FEEDING ON OTHERS YOU LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry

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