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First off, I am in the US Navy. I am unable to keep on top of my financial information as well as other people who stay on land all the time.

I bought a car in late Nov 2007. My first payment was supposed to be made 28 Dec 2007. I went into my finance office and set up an automatic payment to Wachovia Dealer Services. Somewhere along the line, something went wrong.

My first payment was all of the sudden scheduled to come out Jan 28, instead of Dec 28. When I realized the mistake I called Wachovia to inform them of the mistake, and to ask or a 'deferment' of one month so the payment could be caught up without undoing a bunch of paperwork. They were rude and unyielding.

Fast forward to January, They are calling non-stop on my phone, calling my friends and relatives while I have been out at sea. I get back and find 40 messages on my phone voice mail. I finally call "Jim" from Wachovia dealer Services, where he informs he he can't help me either. He tells me "...appearantly it is too difficult for you to pay your bills on time..." He also called my friends and relatives and tells them about my personal financial information; about the car and the late payment. I am very angry with him and how he treated me, so I call back to the Wacovia Customer Service line to file a complaint. The lady there would NOT give me the number or transfer me. She kept arguing with me about how filing a complaint will not stop the late payments. I told her, repeatedly, I knew this. My payment had already been worked out with the rude "Jim". I am now asking my friends to give me the money to pay the late payment since Wachovia simply can not give me ANY customer service. She would not give me the complaint department's number at all. She went into how long it would take me to get the payment to them, and when I would make it, the amount, etc. I finally ended up hanging up on her.

All I was asking for was a simple deferment to alleviate all this headache and mess. Because they REFUSE to give any customer support, are rude, degrading, and mean on the phone, I am writing this. I will campaign to inform others everywhere of my problems with this company, to ensure no other person, military or civilian, has to deal with this poor and disheartening example of Wachovia Dealer Services and Financing.

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:( Absoultely IGNORANT, mean, collection process, beginning the day after your payment is due, and then repeated over and over, using aggressive, domineering, bullying verbal attacks. HORRID company!!! No kindness, consideration, or even listening skills--just berating and condescending comments.


I've been calling 3 months in a row with different stories to get wachovia to give me one *** payment refferal and I can not get it out of them! I have perfect billing history with them have never asked for a defferment before and I do qualify for a deferrment they say, but when they transfer me to the deferrment department one way or another I don't meet the requirements for a payment defferal!

I need the defferal because I owe money that was lended to me for an emergency and I am a stay at home mom that doesn't work and my husbands been unemployed for 6 months yet even though we haven't missed a payment ever they can not give me the *** defferment and I need one month of not making the car payment so I can pay of my personal debt. But this company just doesn't cooperate even with people that have perfect billing history!

I am seriously thinking of not making the payments all together and good luck to them finding my car to reposess! Im' too sick and tired to care!


If You go out of the country or overseas You need to inform your finance company that You will be out of reach since they can't read your mind right? ..

You have many options .. You can set up automatic payments or You can have someone makes the payment for You. You can phone your Finance company also using a calling card and find out what is the status of your loan. If You are not here in the country, How the heck Do you want your car loan people make contact with You?

They need to call your family and friends to see what is going on because if the account is past due there is obviously a problem that needs to be resolved? Make sense?

to Pico #652691

As you can read above, he tried to set up automatic payments well in advance by a month at least. It's very clear he knows his responsibilities and even when he noticed the mistake while deployed (a mistake that he was not responsible for) this Sailor called to inform them.

It is also clear you did not read the post entirely or it didn't register in your brain before responding.

So, no, your 'comment' does not make sense. Its contradictory to common sense when you comment on something and you don't know whats being said. Please try again as your argument was entirely invalid - and- a waste of 10 seconds of my valuable time.

Anyway, I'm glad they are out of business as I had a similar experience with their customer service.


There real name is Westcorp, Inc. There Corporate office in North Carolina needs to get more complaints from us about the harassing calls(877) 250-2265, here is the number.

WE need to complain more on the BBB. The web address


Since there are alot of complaints but not enough they feel this company is ok. Spread the word!!


I co-signed with my son to purchase a truck- it was financed through Wachovia Dealer Services- about a year and a half ago. We lived in an area that, while the rest of the county was suffering from a drop in the economy was Booming!

We live in one of the hottest oil boom areas in the nation. My son was making a substantial income and I received regular bonus. Within 2 weeks of the new presidential change our area took a nose dive. Within 2 weeks the lucrative jobs and job openings were gone - literally overnight.

Soon we joined the other parts of the nation where you were simply grateful to have a job. Well, needless to say the ability to make the over $800 payments became extremely difficult. We received constant calls from Wachovia - at one time a payment of $900 had been paid and they called within 5 days later to ask for another payment. We tried the deferral and then hoped for a Hardship re-write.

We were to make a payment then call the following week to set the rest up. But before I could call - bright and early Monday morning, I received a call. I informed her who I was working with and what we were doing. She argued with me about it telling me that was not possible without paying this other first.

I hung up the phone and called the person I was working with - voice mail.... I called every day - a couple of times a day and left messages - this was to her direct line. No returned calls - nothing. Finally the next week, like clockwork, I received a call from them (a different person) on Monday morning.

I repeated to this person the plan of action and who I was working with. However this person got my rep on the phone who told me that it was now too late to do the deferral... she reminded me that I was supposed to call her last week. When I told her that I had - several times and that she had never returned my calls, she told me she had been having trouble with her phones!

and had not gotten my messages! We are 3 months behind on these payments and since I could see that this situation was not going to get better I made arrangements to offer a settlement. In the past 16 months we have paid $13,000 to see the balance drop a whopping $5,000. I first offered them a cash buy out of $15,000 - they refused it.

I offered $19,000 - they refused it. The truck books at $17,000---- I told them that this was more than they could hope for if the repossed the truck and sold it at auction - and if they did that we would be forced to file bankruptcy so they would end up with a fraction of what I was offering. Especially in hard times like this where peoples income and ability to pay has changed drastically, companies like this would consider having a substantial cash in hand verses continuing a hardship that the consumer knowingly admits they cannot continue, would be a win win situation for all involved. By offering them $15,000 plus the $13,000 already paid they will be receiving $28,000 for a truck that is worth only $17,000- and the $19,000 plus the $13,000 would give them $32,000 - neither of which is satisfactory.

They definately are not interested in their customers or even their own company when they chose to force someone into bankruptcy because they cannot pay - rather than take the cash being offered. Just goes to show how greedy they really are.


Ok well let me first start off Im so so pissed of at the Service you get from these people that work for Wacovia Dealer Services In IL, I was behind 2 month worh in car payment so I went on their on line payment center to make a payment for both months and I could not make a payment so i went into my own personal bank acct. to make a direct payment from my checking acct.

so next thing i know my car was being picked up from my parking lot from a rep man. I told him what was he doing and he said he had to take the car because i had not paid it for 2months. so I told him not to take the car i made my payments from my checking actt. there must have been a misunderstanding.

but he took the car anyways he did not care. So the following morning i called Wacovia and asked why they took my car if my payments were up to date! So after talking to 2 people they tell me i have to call back at noon to speak to some Chris! so imagine that.

No one could tell me anything!!! So I Finally got a hold of Mr. Chris, and he was the most dry cocky person ever. He was like your in default your lucky we didnt pick up the car sooner!

with one day of being late i could send out to get the car. And no we never received payment. i kept seeing on my bank acct that payment was sent and deliverd so he was like i cant give you any information until 24 to 48 hours on where the car is. I asked him what he suggested that i do being that my bank told me that they sent the money he said well deal with your bank call me back like i said in 24 to 48 hrs.

So no help no advice nada! So i call the next day and ask for Chris. the rude lady was like hes not here ill put u in voice mail. First of all I did not want to be put in voice mail I wanted someone to check and see if they received the money yet!

so i had to call back. then i get another guy and he tells me that no they have not receieved the payment so then i ask him to please put me through Chris's Voice mail and he tells me he does not have a voice mail.. Ok! Well when i got a hold of Chris He of course rude like always says to me i have a number you need to call if u want to reedem your car.

call them for more information. No Customer Service Help whats so ever he just wanted to get me off the phone AsAP. Rude *** Im soooo Pissed off with this whole situation. I come to find out that the check was returned to my bank because there was no P.O Box # on it so it was undeliverd to Wacovia...

WTF In all Thats my Sad Story.

Any how now my credit is affected big time because of this and lets not forget all the fees that i now have to pay to get the car out! MF im sooo pissed and wish i could have this guy fiered he was no help at all!!


For me personally it doesn't matter how the gentleman purchased the car, what is important to me and should be of equal importance to other U S Citizens, is that this man is in the military, providing, safety and secuity to our familes while we sleep at night. I always felt that Congress should have enacted a bill that would protect military personnel and their familes from reposessions, foreclosures while they are active in the Military.

Inola, Oklahoma, United States #22535

So I call Wachovia and ask for a simple deferment. They then go into this junk about how the reason for me deferring has to be a one time event that can never reoccur.

I don't know about you but if anything involves money besides striking the freakin lottery it occures more than once in a lifetime. Sure I can say my kid is going from the 3rd to the 4th grade (even though I have multiple kids that will do that) or I can say my mother died (guess what someone else in my family will die also). So I think it is so *** that they would ask that. I PAY the *** auto loan, and asking for a deferment for the second time in three years is not a big deal.

They are making the same amount of interest so what does it matter to them. Then I got this rude manager that was trying to tell me that going to court and paying for a custody battle is not a one time thing since I have to pay for the lawyer more than once....WHAT!!! Are you kidding me. All in my personal business for one, then telling ME what is a one time reoccuring event in MY life.

They don't know the half of what people go through and if it was up to me I would give everyone a number of deferments when you sign up for a questions or requirements needed. Then, once you run out of your deferments then that's that.

No more deferments. They need to get more people friendly and understand not everyone is perfect.

East Greenbush, New York, United States #17123

14 june 2008

We purchased a GMC Envoy,model 2005 at Star Ford Glendale last March 30, 2008,Documentations,fees, and copies of insurance policies were submitted to Jerry Turnbull ofStar Ford as required by him,Wachovia Dealer Services sent a letter to us

requiring to submit again the copy of the insurance policy,my question is,

are we required to do second job to

send a second copy of this policy or

should Star Ford do it by themselves ? We have already informed our insurance agent on this matter and discussions were already made.Secondly, I wish toinform you

that we haven't recieved a notice of

payment for the month of June 2008 as of this writing. Our method of payment is through check with the

accompanying payment notice.

Lastly, we cannot used the vehicle for the reasons that the attached plate

numbers of the car expired this month

though we informed this Jerry Turnbull of Star Ford who was doing the DMV documentations. We don't

want to drive on car dealers plate.For

more than sixty (60) days, I think this

is more than enough to recieved this DMV documents. Am writing to you

so you can call the attention of the following ;

a) Wachovia Dealer Services - to

send to us the notice of payment

for the month of June 2008.

b) Star Ford Glendale (J. Turnbull)

to advise us on the status of the

DMV documents of the GMC

Envoy 2005. Please take note

there is temporary DMV paper

posted on the windshield on this

vehicle since March 2008,and we

don't want to take the risk of being

pulled over the street by concern


Thank you.

Mason, Texas, United States #9808

Call Wachovia Dealer Services' Office of the President for help -


Hereford, Texas, United States #9614

First of all Smiley, who cares how SpookSwimmer bought the car or if he was at sea at the time!! (Thank you for your service Spook Swimmer!!) The point is that he got screwed by Wachovia just like all of the other Wachovia customers out there!

I get very rude messages from them at my workplace, borderline harassment and threats...they have resorted to calling my company's 800 number to get me and also calling my family. I have a legal background and that is illegal. SO KEITH, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, STOP CALLING ME AND MAKING THREATS OF HOW IT WON'T GO AWAY OR HOW YOU REQUEST AND SUGGEST A RETURN CALL!!!! Get a life.

You are simply a phone rep who does not have the brains to have a real job. You get satisfaction in threatening people.

Do you really think that will make me call back??? ***!!!

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #4629

You were at sea? How did you buy the car?

to Smiley #652693

It says he bought the car before going to sea, as there are not car dealerships in the middle of the ocean. Please re-read the post like Pico needs to do before commenting. Wow.

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