Oh Wachovia. You definitely are not good at banking but you are good at making the people that give you a job mad at you.

Last week I went to the bank with multiple checks. Two were from my employer. I cashed one deposited one and also deposited four checks from my checking account into another account (not owned by me). These checks were for monies owed and I needed proof (via check) that these items were paid for. This was at noon on a Friday. Come Tuesday, the checks have been cashed and debited from my checking account.

I was then notified from the other person (whom I owed the monies) that they still have not received the money. I have the receipt, I have the cancelled checks and the money is nowhere to be found. After I was told several times by Wachovia that if the checks were cashed it was the individual's responsibility (whom they were written to) to find out where they went. Hum? I thought the purpose of a bank was to manage my money.

I tell this information to the other person who then calls and is told that he can take no action because the checks are not drawn from his account. We then both call on the phone at the same time and after many hours discover that the teller at the bank had deposited the checks into the checking account from which the checks were written.

I filled out the deposit slip, the checks were not made out to me and were signed by the other party so why would they deposit them into the same account. I then was told that the checks would have to clear my account in order for the money to be deposited back in as a check deposit.

Two days later I got my deposit money for the checks and had to set up another payment with the individual.

Now today I find out that I can no longer access my online banking. After being hung up on three times, put on hold for more than 30 minutes and placed back into the automated system. I am asked with every question about my account. Do I purchase gas from this service station, how many recent transactions etc. This are things I could answer with online banking. Yes I got gas, at a BP. Most likely they are not under BP name but J&S gas or mom and pop mart.

Then the agent tells me that I am providing the wrong debit card number. Uh no I have it right here and I can read, this is the number. After arguing with her for several minutes she says oh, I was mistyping.

This bank has very poor customer service. When I have to call them I feel like a criminal trying to get my own money from the bank. They constantly tell you "I'll look into this and call you back". I end up calling them back the next day asking them where my money went. I cant wait to change to another bank!

Monetary Loss: $185.

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