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I made a deposit at Wachovia Bank in Ghetty Square which is located in Yonkers, NY. I made a cash deposit at the ATM of $660 on Thursday of June 4, 2009 and thought that everything would be fine as I had made cash deposits there before.

Over the weekend a 24 hour deposit adjustment was made to my account in the amount of $300. I called customer service who told me to call back during the week to speak with a branch representative. I called back on Monday and they told me I had to actually go in to the branch.

On Monday morning I went into the same branch that the deposit was made at. They told me that they check the deposits in teams of 2 and that a manager also checked the deposit and that there was no way that they could have made a mistake.

They told me that my deposit envelope said $360 and my deposit slip said $660, which doesn't make sense because I only wrote $660 on the envolpe as I did not have a slip.

I have more money, but the problem is the principle that they can just take my money and it's their word against mine and that's the end of it. I am going to close out my account because I no longer feel like I can trust this bank. Be careful and never make a cash deposit through an ATM machine at this branch as they are theives.

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It happens to me, at US BANK. I deposited $700 dollars, and they said it was only $400 dollar in the envelop. This happen in 04/18/2012>


It happens to me, at US BANK. I deposited $700 dollars, and they said it was only $400 dollar in the envelop. This happen in 04/18/2012>


The same thing happened to me. I tried to deposit $270 dollars in a drive-up ATM here in Raleigh, and when the machine failed to scan the bills, it spit out $110 and kept $160.

I've been on the phone with customer service multiple times now because the local branch doesn't handle the drive-up ATM, and the issue has yet to be resolved almost 3 weeks later. As soon as I get my money back, I will definitely be switching banks

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #88193

i made a 547.00 depotist in clover sc and it did not give me a copy of my record now it has been 10 days and still waiting


After about a week Wachovia returned the difference from my original deposit. After they originally told me that there was no way they could have made a mistake they returned my money and said that it was the ATM company that mixed up my deposit with someone else's.

There was basically no gaurantee that this would not happen again. I no longer bank at that branch and I no longer make cash deposits to their ATM.


I also ran into this situation. I deposited $170 dollars into my account, and they only credited me with $130 dollars.

They too claim its my fault, despite never having this problem before. I made this deposit in the ATM outside of Charleston AFB.

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