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My recent experience with Wachovia was sick, I help my mother manager her finances online and she recently re-financed w/Wachovia...While opening the new account she was asked for all the usual paperwork including proof of insurance, after the loan funded and she made her first payment then we started receiving letters and phone calls regarding lack of insurance coverage, I insisted that they had the proof otherwise the loan never would have funded(DUH), so I faxed the proof anyway and on her following automatic payment they tacked on an additional $215 for insurance, which caused her several return check charges! furious, of course she called them and after speaking to several CSR's most of which were rude can condescending, they explained that the proof of insurance fax had not been received yet and it could take EIGHT DAYS for them to receive a fax because it comes from their head quarters!!!(I guess they can't afford fax machines in all of their branches)...GMAC Insurance was good enough to call them and make it right.

They then said they could not refund the difference owed and she should go to her bank and dispute the charges. So she does and the day after she gets refunded the automatic payment for the full amount from Wachovia of the automatic payment and then has to rush to the bank to cancel her dispute which would have cost $35, then a day later receives a check from the for the full amount!!!

Of course they then ask for the overage to be returned...Lastly she receives another letter stating that the insurance was inadequate, the same insurance that covered her on her previous loan!!!!

Results: She re-financed with HSBC got a better interest rate and no headaches!!!

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