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Do no trust anything that the teller at Lake Nona Wachovia tells you. The teller by the name of Erica lies.

If you are a man, she will try to use sexual advances to cover her lies and mistakes. Do not go to her if at all possible. She will lie straight to your face. If you know of anyone that uses that branch in Orlando, warn them of this teller and if she comes on to you, you better be checking your account because there is no telling what she is trying tos cover up for her mistake.

Be Aware.

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I made it a point to use this teller for that very reason,and you were right.she made a small mistake and was all over me.Like the wise man said use it to you're advantage and I did.20 mins. in the mens room,head to toe,got everything I wanted. Thanks, Oh I almost forgot , if you have any more problems with sexy brunett tellers,be sure to post it .Thanks again :p e m

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