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I have been a customer with Wachovia since the late 90s. I have another checking acct.with another bank. I accidentally used my Wachovia debit card when out shopping one day instead of my other bank's debit card. Of course, my Wachovia acct. didn't have enough money in it to cover the expenses, because I only use that acct for certain expenses.

I contacted customer service to explain my honest mistake, and they didn't seem to care. My overdraft charges were $70, and they told me they could only refund me $18 of it.

I was really insulted, because I had been a GOOD customer for so long, and haven't had my acct overdrawn before. I would think they would've at least refunded me one of the overdraft fees. So, I put what I owed in the acct, and closed it the same day. They are ***, and I would NEVER bank with them again.

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He is not blaming the bank. He is saying that he has been a good customer and they should cut him some slack.

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