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The ridley park tellers are terrific but the mannagaemen and others aren't worth the time....last year tha woman at the front desk, after being described my needs relative to property transfer wasted my time and lied to me. she wanted to see the documents and as she started I questioned her and she replied that she was not the correct person.

On 6/23/10 Mr.Hass was giving the tellers some talk while it after 9:00 am.

a person knocked on the window display his time piece and after turning around acknowedged the persons but went back addressing the tellers. the situation was it as after 9;00 and a group of persons were outside in the heat. Another tap on the windoe and the same result. When the man finally opened the door I stated he was late, in arrtogant diplay of disretd for his customers he replied do you want me to give you some lolly pops...

I spoke so severl people I know with account and they wanted to know if we should all bank else where where at least may find people in management rather than gorrilas.

In a private business office the man would have been gone, what do you think or is art of the new wells fargo philosphy on treating customers....stanley e. kornafe.

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I must be banking at a Wachovia on another planet bcause all the Wachovia's EXCEPT for one is South FL have had STELLAR customer service! From the greeting when I walk in to being directed to the proper person I need to speak with it!

Everyone at every branch has been courteous and extremely helpful! I WILL NOT be changing banks anytime soon!

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