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Saturday the 10th I deposited $200 cash via the Wachovia ATM at Broad and Sansom in Philadelphia. I accidentially entered $20 instead of $200 in the computer and didn't realize my error until the transaction was complete.

I immediately contacted customer service who said an adjustment would be made on Monday when the deposit was pulled and the difference was found in the envelope. Well it's Wednesday, and per customer service's request, I went to the branch where the ATM deposit was made. I was told that a team of two pulls the deposits from the ATM, and that all adjustments had been processed and that there was absolutely no way a mistake could have been made. She didn't stop at simply telling me I was mistaken, she continued to accuse me of in some way trying to scam Wachovia out of $180.

Nobody wants to eat $180, and that is exactly what she told me I was going to have to do. So I walked out of Wachovia at Broad and Sansom not only knowing I had just lost $180, but also knowing that a Wachovia employee stole a deposit. And the worst part of all is the feeling I have - after all this - of being accused of trying to scam the bank for my own personal gains.

I am still holding out hope that the money does surface, but right now I'm a little sick to my stomach over the whole thing.

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WELLS FARGO is a JOKE & Thief. I deposited $500 cash in an envelope deposit.

The ATM malfunctioned and ate it!!! I immediately went inside the branch to spend 2 hrs on the phone to tell me it was "undisputable", but that they "could see that it was a hardware problem and $500 is pending." The teller manager said "if you need the money so bad, why don't you deposit another $500?" (***) So now I'm stuck calling 800 numbers. I was told that the ATM is a 3rd party and they only service it on Tuesdays.

So wait - if my copier breaks, you can call him for emergency servicing - but NOT AN ATM?? I HATE THIS BANK!!!


good one retard

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