I received my Wachovia business banking statement and discovered that they are charging me fees for increased FDIC insurance. When you question it, they insist that the government is mandating that they charge it, until you push - then they admit they are just trying to make back the money that they are having to pay for the increased FDIC coverage.

They won't put in writing how much it is, or how they are actually calculating it . The "team leader" i spoke with didn't actually seem sure how it was figured at all, and quoted me different costs from those on the "notice" (back of a statement).

What a ripoff - even B of A isn't trying to slide in this type of charge. What losers - they should have gone under.

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Wachovia being taken over by WELLS FARGO, and WELLS FARGO sux MORE than Wachovia. A qualification to work for them is that you must be an ***.

They deposited a $1300 check into my account. It was not a check I deposited. I didn't write the check. Did not know the person whose name was on the check.

They ERRONEOUS put it into MY account. It bounced. They took $1300 out of my account of MY money and bounced a whole bunch of check that I DID have money to cover. WACHOVIA SUX big time.

WELLS FARGO is worse. Call David Clement for Complaint Resolutions (314-955-2003) to solve nothing!


Well, this is good to know, and forward as well. I was depating over this bank or B of A.

Maybe safer dug under a rock. :?


I don't think you were listening!!! they went under, You and I and every one else bailed them out.Now look at the treatment we get from them.

All banks suck .Wachovia sux harder is all... :eek

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