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wachovia scams people by saying they are in a negative balance because of fees they post to your account. then they issue courtesy refunds but do not refund any nsf charges you may have incurred because of there fees.

then when you try to correct the problem they tell you they can't refund the nsf fees because you were in a negative balance. when they charged me for not having overdraft protection ($22.00)i called them and said i did have overdraft protection they refunded the $22.00 but not the nsf fees that that deduction created. its a scam and i am trying to file a lawsuit against them because their fees have almost caused financial ruin. the last thing they did was hold my deposit and as checks came in even though i showed a positive balance they returned them nsf because the deposit was on hold from them.

the check deposited was paid two days after i deposited it. good luck getting anywhere with them.

Monetary Loss: $688.

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I filed a lawsuit in federal court with the help of the Comptroller of the Currency and won. If you need any info I will be glad to help you.

to Joan Katauskas Ozark, Alabama, United States #632012

i use to bank with wachovia and i want to file a class action suit against them


Please contact me, as I am doing the same in trying to file against them as well!!

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