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Wachovia bank used to be a great institution with great service.In Florida, even though they are not Wells Fargo yet (they are owned by Wells Fargo), I can see the horrible influence already.

Any time you walk into a branch, you are "assaulted" by bankers wanting to sell you more products. More products you don't want and have no need of. I can tell the bankers are not comfortable and are being forced to do this. Wake up Wells Fargo!

Keep up these kind of sales tactics and you will lose more customers for good. QUIT trying to sell me new stuff EVERY time I walk into a branch. I can't even go through the drive through because I get it there too.

Thank you so much for adding 5-10 extra minutes (minimum) because I have to wait for a teller to finish "selling" to someone else who is obviously done and wants to get the he** out of the branch.You are the worst and I will soon be moving my business elsewhere.

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banking is a for profit business just like any other retail store.I am sure you people make money in your business...just as the banks need to make money, get over it.

If people could manager there money and not spend into the wouldnt get charged fee's


So, sad that banking has come to this pushing products down customers throats. How about how may I help you? Not what I can take from you.


These banks change hands so often they don't know which end is up.They are more into selling products than ever because they are losing their ***.

I am sick of it too.Even the drive thru is a pain in the rear because they will try to sign you up for everything from a loan to over draft protection.


Its a bank you ***, what do you think they do? Sell cookies?

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