Since Wachovia changed to Wells Fargo it has been a joke!!!

There is no customer service anymore. It is no longer about the customer who helps you pay your bills and salaries.

It is only about what WELLS FARGO gets and wants. You do not get greeted when you pull up at the drive through, nor do you get thanked for your business. The tellers do not check to see if what they are doing is right. Even though it takes them up to a half hour longer to do my deposit.

Many times we have put a petty cash check in to be cashed, and they give us our ID's back with no money and worst of it, they don't even realize they have done this. We have to correct them. A company check for petty cash for the benefit of making change at our business now requires 2 Id's, fingerprint and $5. There is no way we are going forward with this.

There is no organization.

Making daily deposits have increased for taking 15 min or less to a 45 min to an hour wait. This is awful and I hope that our company will pull all of the accounts with Wells Fargo.

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Richardson, Texas, United States #610307

If you are not SATISFIED with this bank,Know one is TWISTING YOUR ARM TO STAY.Some people complaint about ANYTHING.Have you ever heard of "SWITCH".


thats why the bank is bankrupt and sold


i agree. i stayed in there (waiting) for 30 minutes just to open an account. there were 3 bankers there.

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